The John Flinn Slot Car Collection – Auction


– John Flinn –


The following tribute was written by John’s good friend Gary Ioi.  

As you may know by now, our friend John Flinn has passed away. He was one of the first to join the new Maxport II Club back in 2008 and continued racing with them to the end. If he was not at a practice session or a race, he would drop by with his dog “Topo” to check out what was happening and enjoy the camaraderie.

Like most of us, he was into Slot Cars during their Heyday of the 1960’s and then got back into the hobby thanks to the Maxport track. He branched off to racing the private home tracks and eventually had his beloved Goodwood track built at his summer home. Those lucky enough to have raced there consider it the most spectacular setting for a Slot Car track with it overlooking Lake Simcoe. He was a real “Car Guy” having run a Car Parts Business, being a regular spectator at Mosport and Watkins Glen, restoring cars, and eventually racing Slot Cars.

The running joke was John saying…  “I’m going to be good, I do not need to buy another Slot Car”… but at the end of the day with the store closing, he would have the latest car in his hands. This would happen many times over the years.

JRF, the “Porschemeister” will be truly missed.

– The John Flinn Slot Car Collection Auction –


As Gary alluded to, John had a strong connection with the Maxport II slot car club; from being one of the original members in 2008; right up until the final race in March of 2019. Shortly after his passing John’s wife Valerie and Gary approached Mini Grid (home of the Maxport II slot car club) to help find a home for John’s amazing slot car collection. She wanted the cars to fall into good hands, those who loved the cars he collected and appreciated the care he put into preparing and maintaining these treasures. After much consideration; and with the current pandemic limiting what could be conducted in a safe manner; it was decided an online auction would be created to help disperse the collection and give as many enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy John’s cars.

 Over the past few weeks the John Flinn Slot Car Collection has been documented, catalogued and photographed and is now ready for auction. It was decided early to condense the roughly 200 cars into ‘lots’ of 4, in most cases by the slot car manufacturer and theme.   

The cars have been identified and listed to the best of our ability; along with the current condition of each individual car. We have tried to be as accurate as possible with the condition of each car but it is buyer beware. However, anyone who knew John knows he took top care of his cars and in many instances improved the cars from original with better tires, gears, wheels, than stock off the shelf ready-to-run slot car.

The ranking we created is as follows:

  • Excellent to New (virtually mint condition, hard to tell if it was ever even run!) 
  • Good to Excellent (slightly used but otherwise close to original)
  • Used to Good (clearly used but still running or easily serviceable)
  • Used (needs help!  Very rare in John’s collection)


Auction Details: Each lot will start with a reserve of $100.00 CDN (remember, each lot contains 4 cars in almost every case).  Any incoming bids will have a minimum of $1.00 increments. The auction will go live on Monday, February 22nd at 6pm and end at 9pm on Friday, March 19th.  Upon completion of the auction all winners will be contacted for payment processing and shipping/delivery information (or pick up if preferred).  Any shipping costs will be in addition to the winning bid price.  

Even if you are not interested in bidding or obtaining any of the lots, enjoy perusing the many beautiful cars that John tended to over his years enjoying this great hobby he loved. John would be very pleased that people shared his enthusiasm and passion. 


 Rest in Peace John.


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Auction: The John Flinn Collection