Track Extension – See Saw – GO!!! / Digital 143


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GO!!! / Digital 143 – Track Extension – See Saw

    • Rocker as a cool action feature
    • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
    • For more excitement on your race track
    • Package contents: 1 x rocker per track

    Action for your Carrera race track
    You want more fun at your home races? Expand your race track with the seesaw and you are guaranteed action-packed driving fun! Do you have what it takes to overcome the obstacle without an accident? Test how much speed you can use over the seesaw and show your opponents what you and your slot car can do. The track consists of one seesaw per track, so that you can go together with your opponent into the chicane and prove yourself every time. The action feature is perfect for upgrading your Carrera GO!!! race track. Of course, you can also use the track element for the Carrera GO!!! Plus and DIGITAL 143 race tracks. The seesaw is simply a really cool action element and challenges you and your friends again and again.




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