Track Extension – Narrow Section (2) – Digital 132 / Digital 124 / Evolution


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Digital 132 / Digital 124 / Evolution – Track Extension – Narrow Section (2)

  • Narrow section for your Carrera race track
  • Track element for extending your race track
  • Package contents: 1 piece (2 track parts, each 34.5 cm)

For excitement and variety on the race track
With the narrow section you will be sure to add a great track element to your Carrera race track. As you drive through the narrow section, it all comes down to your skill and unshakable driver’s instinct. Race your competitor head-to-head and show them what you and your slot car can do. Can you overtake your opponent and pass the narrow section just in front of them? For even more thrills and exciting duels, this little chicane is the perfect choice. The track on a scale of 1:24 consists of two parts and measures 34.5 cm each. With its scale, the track is perfectly suited for the Carrera EVOLUTION, DIGITAL 132 and DIGITAL 124 race tracks. Can you keep your nerve and win the race?




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