Track Extension – Mechanical Lane Change Section – GO!!! / Digital 143


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GO!!! / Digital 143 – Track Extension – Mechanical Lane Change Section

  • Mechanical lane changes for creative race tracks
  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
  • For expanding your race track
  • Package contents: 2 piece (left and right)

Left, right or straight ahead?
This mechanical lane change is perfect for those who want to bring some variety to the Carrera race track. Small, movable pins in the lane change determine a new direction of travel for each lap. While building the track you can let your creative mind run free. How about, for example, using the lane change to let your slot car drive into the Pit Lane? With the lane change, you can also send your Carrera car to another track section to take a shortcut and overtake your competition. With this package you get a right and a left switch. These have a length of 342 mm and a width of 215 mm. Create your very own creative race track and dive into the fascinating world of Carrera!




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Dimensions 40 × 24 × 2.5 cm


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