Track Extension – Lane Change Curve – GO!!! / Digital 143


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GO!!! / Digital 143 – Track Extension – Lane Change Curve

  • Track extension lane change corner on a scale of 1:43
  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
  • Changing lanes in the corner
  • Package contents: 2 pieces

This corner has it all
Attention, in this chicane you have to pay twice as much attention: Not only does the corner run relatively tight, it also has a lane change at the apex, which the racers should be prepared for. If you drive too fast or at the same time with an opponent on the other lane when entering the corner, an accident is bound to happen. And to ensure that every racer gets back into their lane, the set also includes a second lane change corner. The tracks are 228 mm long and 228 mm wide each. At the edge of the track, sandy ground provides that real rally feeling. On a scale of 1:43 the tracks can be integrated into other race tracks on the same scale: Carrera DIGITAL 143, Carrera GO!!! and Carrera GO!!!! Plus. All this means that exciting races are even more fun: experience that pure Carrera feeling!




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