Track Extension – Bridge / Hump Track – GO!!! / Digital 143


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GO!!! / Digital 143 – Track Extension – Bridge / Hump Track

  • Camel hump and crossing for race tracks on a scale of 1:43
  • DIGITAL 143, Carrera GO!!! Plus, Carrera GO!!!
  • For more action on your track
  • Package contents: 2 convex track parts, 2 long concave track parts, 4 short concave track parts, 12 track connectors, 4 supports

Get great action features for your home
With this accessory set you have several possibilities to add even more driving fun to your Carrera race track. You can build the track parts either as a bridge-like crossing or as a camel hump. A total of four short concave track parts, two long concave track parts and two convex track parts can be connected with twelve track clips. You can place the crossing on a straight section on your slot car race track. The four supports ensure that the body has sufficient support and that the cars underneath are not obstructed. Alternatively, you can build a fast camel hump from the individual parts and integrate it into your Carrera race track as an additional section. No matter which variant you choose, from now on you have to step on the gas, because the inclines require a little speed kick from you and your slot car. The camel hump / crossing with its tracks on a scale of 1:43 is suitable for the Carrera GO!!!!, the Carrera GO!!!! PLUS and the Carrera DIGITAL 143.




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