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Titanic – Destination Disaster. The legends and the reality. By John P. Eaton & Charles A. Haas softbound.

No other ship or maritime tragedy holds more fascination than the Titanic – and a century after she sank beneath the chill, starlit North Atlantic waters on her maiden voyage, carrying a wide mix of passengers, from the social, artistic and financial elite of two continents to the humblest emigrants on their way to America, the story continues to enthrall people of all ages and cultures. Two of the world’s foremost authorities present this popular account of the sea’s best-known disaster, expertly summarizing the ship’s brief but glamorous life, from building and launching in Belfast, to the discovery of her remains more than two miles down on the ocean bed, and the subsequent artefact recovery dives and courtroom efforts to protect the wreck. Their own photographic dives to the wreck site feature in this updated third edition of their best-selling paperback, together with a wealth of fascinating new information about the ship and her people, past and present.

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