Shoulders for Straights (2 Curbs) – Digital 132/124, Evolution


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Digital 132/124, Evolution – Shoulders for Straights (2 Curbs)

  • Extension set – curb on a scale of 1:24
  • Curb for 1/4 straight section
  • Package contents: 2 pieces

Build a unique race track
Imagine a wonderful Carrera dream scenario: In the pit lane the pit crew waits for your next pit stop. From the press tower and the grandstands the race is watched with maximum focus. The marshals are waiting at the race track for their deployment. In order to complete your layout and match its look to a real race track, you can also add curbs to your race track. The red and white painted curb sections are necessary, especially shortly before or after corners, in order to indicate to the drivers the track conditions. This set contains two curbs that fit exactly to the ¼ straight sections. They come on a scale of 1:24 and can therefore be used on the Carrera DIGITAL 124, Carrera DIGITAL 132 and Carrera EVOLUTION race tracks.




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