Scalextric Endurance Set


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This Scalextric Endurance set is perfect for entry level racers!

Scalextric Endurance Set Contents:

  • 1 x GT Car Lighting & 1x Prototype cars
  • 1 x Powerbase
  • 2 x Speed limiter controllers
  • 8 x R2 45 degree curve
  • 1x Power base
  • 1x 8205 Standard Straight
  • 1 x C8207 ½ straight
  • 4 x spare braid plate

Speical Features:

  • Speed Limiter Controller
  • Super Resistant
  • Magnatraction


Scalextric Analog Race Sets

Scalextric’s traditional analog slot racing is a simple arrangement with a two lane track, each with a slot and two steel rails to power the cars.  The pieces have an easy, push-fit connection to make a circuit and, like all analog sets, all the cars on the same rails will receive the same voltage and cannot be controlled independently.  Scalextric’s track system is designed to be durable and easy to assemble and disassemble.  The surface is finished with a medium smooth texture with 3.03″ (77mm) lane spacing, offering a nice balance between grip and allowing cars to slide.




Scalextric Cars

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