Porsche 935 GT2 “No.70” – Carrera Digital 132



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Porsche 935 GT2 “No.70” – Carrera Digital 132


  • Porsche 935 GT2 “No.70”
  • Carrera DIGITAL 132 CARS
  • 1:32 scale
  • From 8 years


Shaken, not stirred!
The classic in Martini design with the number 70 was only built 77 times and can be purchased by Porsche fans for around 700,000 euros. Much more affordable is the Porsche 935 GT2 “No.70”, which is in no way inferior to the original due to the detailed workmanship and will show the taillights of many a competitor on the famous rails. Are you ready to steer the PS monster over the track?




Carrera Digital 132

1/32   20030922



Carrera Slot Cars

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