Porsche 914 : 50 Years


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The Porsche 911’s little brother…

In 1969 a very special sports car was born. The 914 rose from a marriage of convenience of Volkswagen and Porsche, because both companies wanted a small, modern and affordable sports car in their product range, but for little cost. Thus it was decided to combine the skills of both manufacturers.

The result was a light mid-engine sports car with a lively road performance and even 50 years after its launch, it pleases the eye with a fresh design. Back then it was often ridiculed as a ‘housewife Porsche’ or ‘Volks-Porsche’, but now, the 914 has come out of the shadow of its big brother the 911 and has a huge fan base; today it lives on in the Boxster and Cayman models.

This volume includes: the result of thorough research in the Porsche and VW archives; rich photography; all technical data; development, production, model history and racing appearances.

Jürgen Lewandowski, one of the most renowned German motoring journalists, pays tribute to this milestone of brand history. The book presents the genesis as well as the different models and engines. Compulsory reading!


Author: Jurgen Lewandowski

Number of pages:176
Colour images:100

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