Porsche 911 RSR “Project 1, #No.56” – Carrera Digital 132



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Porsche 911 RSR “Project 1, No.56” – Carrera Digital 132


You will overtake everyone with this Porsche!
Under the motto “Be cool, Be fast”, the Porsche 911 RSR races over the long distances for the Project 1 racing team. The super sports car Porsche 911 RSR “Project 1, # 56” in a matt black and yellow design not only looks cool, it also knows how to use the around 510hp skillfully. At the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC), the team around driver Egidio Perfetti can show what is possible with the Porsche. Be part of the team and use the hand controller to show you how to control the speedster at the best lap time.




Carrera Digital 132

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