Porsche 911 RSR #91 – Digital 124



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Porsche 911 RSR #91 – Digital 124

  • Porsche 911 RSR # 91
  • Absolute classic
  • DIGITAL 124
  • Front and rear lights and brake lights, original Porsche license
  • 1:24 scale

Porsche calls for a prestige duel!

With the Porsche 911 RSR # 91 you can go into the fast lane, because the sleek bolide comes with over 500 hp on the long haul and looks really good thanks to the paintwork specially designed for the French long haul. The 24-hour race in France is one of the oldest long-distance races, which is still held with interruptions today and is one of the prestige circuits. Whoever takes part and wins here is one of the greats in motorsport. Do you have what it takes? Then test your skills on the Carrera race track.
The Porsche 911 RSR and its predecessor GT3 RSR, GT3 RS and GT3 R are GT racing cars from Porsche that are used in motorsport for endurance races. They are based on the currently highest class in GT racing worldwide, the GTE class from ACO. These regulations lead back to the concept of a GT3 class below the then Group GT1 and Group GT2 from 1998. After the GT1 class was discontinued, the planned GT3 class was from 1999 at the ACO as a GT class below the GTS, as well as from the FIA advertised as N-GT from 2000. After the alignment of the GT rules between the FIA ​​and ACO in 2005, this class was renamed GT2 class. When the FIA’s GT2 European Championship failed and the participants in the GT1 class disappeared at the Le Mans 24-hour race, the ACO renamed the GT2 class to GTE in 2011 and divided it into GTE-Pro for professionals and GTE-AM for amateurs . Over the years, Porsche was continuously represented in this class with different series of the 911.

Is there enough to win on the home racetrack?

Can the Porsche rewrite history on your racetrack and take the lead this time? It’s entirely up to your driving skills. The slot car heats up on a scale of 1:24 and, thanks to the Porsche license, looks like the original Porsche 911 RSR down to the smallest detail. The slot car is equipped with front, rear and brake lights. The car can be controlled digitally, but can also be used in analog mode and can also be individually coded.



Carrera Digital 124

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Carrera Slot Cars

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