Porsche 908/3 – Rothmans #96

NSR is an Italian artisan Company making professional slotcars.


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Porsche 908/3 – Rothmans #96


The Porsche 908 was a racing car from Porsche, introduced in 1968. 908/3 Version raced from 1970, it was even shorter than the 908/02, and only weighed 500 kg. In 1971, vertical fins were added to the rear of the 908s. With the combination of the powerful 917 and the lightweight 908, Porsche dominated the International Championship for Makes each year from 1969 through to 1971. The NSR model, is the fastest in CLASSIC category. Very fast, with a lot of mechanic innovation. Beautiful and amazing – Ready to Race – built with the best quality!

 NSR’s aim is to make a professional slot racing model in 1/32 scale, Ready To Race with extreme performance out of box and respecting the aesthetic of the real car.












NSR Slot Italia

NSR is an Italian artisan Company making professional slotcars.

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