Outside Shoulder for 4/15° Banked Corner (12 Curbs) – Digital 132/124, Evolution


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 Digital 132/124, Evolution – Outside Shoulder for 4/15° Banked Corner (12 Curbs)

  • Boundary elements for steep curve 4/15°
  • Fine-tuning for your race track
  • Package contents: 12 pieces

The ideal frame for steep corners
A steep corner is a particularly tricky undertaking for the slot car. Here a driver has to prove their knack for the right speed and the right timing, so that you don’t fly off the track due to excessive force. The red and white markings of the outside curbs indicate that this section of the route can be seen from a distance. So you know what to prepare for: As soon as the outside curbs with their eye-catching colours can be seen, you have to step on the accelerator to master the steep corner. The set contains twelve outside curbs for the 4/15° elements of a steep corner. The track parts are compatible for race tracks on a scale of 1:24 and therefore perfect for the Carrera DIGITAL 124, Carrera DIGITAL 132 and Carrera EVOLUTION race tracks.




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