MASERATI MC GT3 – 2012 Vallelunga



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MASERATI MC GT3 – 2012 Vallelunga

2012 – #38 A. Pier Guidi, G, Gardel – 1st Vallelunga

The Maserati Granturismo is without doubts one of the most beautiful GT cars of the last 10 years. A timeless classic design by Pininfarina, it was turned in a GT3 racing car by Swiss Team, who was given permission by Maserati following previous successful collaborations. Swiss Team, lead by Guido Bonfiglio, started the development in late 2011.Despite a very promising start, which led to a maiden victory in Vallelunga, the Maserati Granturismo GT3 project did not enjoy a long career. This model reproduces the car that A. Pier Guidi and G. Gardel  drove to a historic victory on the Roman track of Vallelunga in 2012.



CA43b   1/32 scale



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