Porsche 917/10 Can-Am 1972 Team Penske Set

NSR is an Italian artisan Company making professional slotcars.


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Limited Edition Porsche 917/10K Set – L&M Porsche+Audi (Can Am) Laguna Seca


Drivers: #6 Mark Donohue & #7 George Follmer


Limited Edition Set – Only 500 Pieces Worldwide


Can Am Championship used FIA Group 7 rules, it means a total opening to mechanical engineers, who built massive powerful lightweight cars. Porsche 917/10K was born to destroy McLaren’s supremacy of that era. It debuted in 1972, built with massive aerodynamics, a short wheelbase, a weight of only 767kg and an impressive 5000cm3 boxer 12 cylinders with a power of 900hp in race configuration. The 917/10K immediately showed a clear superiority on the other cars, winning 6 of 9 races in that championship, conquering the Can Am 1972 Championship.

 NSR’s aim is to make a professional slot racing model in 1/32 scale, Ready To Race with extreme performance out of box and respecting the aesthetic of the real car. Porsche 917/10K means history, aggressive line and massive performance on each kind of track, already out of box. 









NSR Slot Italia

NSR is an Italian artisan Company making professional slotcars.

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