Hunt Vs. Lauda: The Epic 1976 Formula 1 Season


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Hunt Vs. Lauda: The Epic 1976 Formula 1 Season. By: Paul Fearnley

Nearly 40 years later, 1976 is still remembered as one of the greatest seasons in Formula One history; one that pitted two of the sport’s greatest teams, Ferrari and McLaren, in a back-and-forth struggle that wasn’t decided until the final rain-soaked race at Suzuka. Ferrari’s defending World Champion Niki Lauda led early on before suffering serious burns in a near-fatal accident at the Nurburgring. Just five weeks later he was back, hoping to fend off McLaren’s unpredictable upstart James Hunt. Here, former F1 Racing editor Paul Fearnley uses hundreds of rare photographs and detailed captions to recapture all the excitement, danger, and controversy of the 1976 season.

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