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Front Row Center 3. Inside The Great American Air Show. By: Erik Hildebrandt.

In the genre of fine art coffee table books, few elements are more critical to success than the artist’s selection of a compelling visual subject matter. Aviation imagery has long been regarded as a passionate subject for millions of readers, and airshow aviation imagery turns up the heat on that passion exponentially. To that end, one visual artist has cornered this niche market of published airshow imagery with an original and visually stunning series of landscape coffee table books titled, Front Row Center: Inside the Great American Airshow.

The Front Row Center series of airshow picture books are renowned for the ground-breaking aerial photographs created solely for these titles by acclaimed photographer and author Erik Hildebrandt. In this third all-new edition in the series, Hildebrandt once again has bested himself with page after page of breathtaking colors and poetic compositions of the world’s most famous and talented airshow pilots. With a whimsical flair for complementary layout design, Front Row Center 3 builds on the solid foundation of the earlier editions and projects this new volume above and beyond what was previously thought possible in the realm of professional air-to-air photography.

With a new section devoted to “Must-See Pilots”, this latest edition boasts the greatest number of original photographs, topping 300. It also has an expanded section dedicated to the 60th Anniversary season of the US Navy Blue Angels that features new images from Hildebrandt’s never-before-granted civilian access to the complete 6-plane formation in flight that he photographed from a 7th plane dedicated solely to this photography. Also featured in this all-new edition are the unprecedented images from Hildebrandt’s dedicated photo-mission with the USAF latest and greatest new fighter, the F-22 Raptor. When considered altogether as a single collection, this book has not just something for every aviation enthusiast, it has it all.

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