Formula One Circuits from Above (Third Edition)


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Twenty-Eight Legendary Tracks in High-Definition Satellite Photography


Formula One Circuits From Above gives you the perfect insight into what makes F1 the most exciting and dramatic of all forms of motorsport. The unique photography provided by Google Earth shows each circuit’s challenges and why only the very best drivers in the world can thrive in the sport. Television cameras, even using High Definition and 3D, flatten and foreshorten racetracks making them, if not featureless, then apparently undemanding. If you were to sit at the Eau Rouge section of Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, walk up to the Casino from the harbour at Monaco, or look out on to the desert at Sakhir, you would quickly realise that these are daunting challenges – each entirely different to the other.


Outstanding photography and insightful writing from one of the world’s best known Formula One commentators, make Formula One Circuits From Above a fantastic volume to have with you when you watch the F1 World Championship unfold. The excitement, drama, history and colour of Formula One is perfectly displayed in this exceptional volume.



Format: Hardback
Pages: 224


Author:  Bruce Jones


ISBN: 9781780979830




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