Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione “No.54” – Carrera Digital 132



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Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione “No.54” – Carrera Digital 132


  • Hypercar Ferrari FXX K Evo with Hybrid Drive
  • DIGITAL 132
  • Extremely eye-catching with its bright red design
  • Scale 1:32
  • From 8 years

A supercar in a class of its own
With the limited hypercar special edition Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione, the Italian sports car manufacturer has created a real masterpiece. The powerful rear spoiler provides the necessary downforce and gives an idea of the performance of this super sports car. The hyper car has an impressive 1050 bhp on offer. The sports car is not permitted to participate in official races and road traffic. So it’s time to expand your Carrera racing team to include the Ferrari FXX K Evo!

The Italian superstar leaves everyone for dust
Also on a scale of 1:32, this slot car makes a powerful impression. Thanks to the original Ferrari license and detailed workmanship, the Carrera slot car looks very similar to its big counterpart. You can encode your Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione individually and, of course, control it digitally. Change lanes and speed past your opponents at full throttle Can this fancy racing machine take the number one spot?




Carrera Digital 132

1/32   20030894



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