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Ferrari 1947-1997 – Giorgio Nada Editore. Slipcased, beautiful. 

On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary the Ferrari company has sponsored the production of a book reconstructing its industrial and sporting history. Officially presented in December, 1997, this De Luxe limited edition is now nearly out of print. Two separate editions of the Deluxe volume is offered, one in Italian, the other in English in a print run of 2.000 copies (1.000 copies for each language). Promoted by Ferrari PR Department, the book has more than 1000 pictures and is proposed with a lavish slipcase. Edited by Gianni Cancellieri and Karl Ludvigsen with the art direction of Olivier Maupas, the work has been published by Giorgio Nada Editore, entrusted also for its world distribution. The 408 pages of this imposing work are subdivided in two large sections: the technical part and the historical one. The technical part, under the title “Le idee – The ideas”, is by Karl Ludvigsen and gives a long excursus on the technological innovations introduced by Ferrari from 1947 up to now. The historical part, titled “Le opere e i giorni – The works and the days” is by Gianni Cancellieri and has been divided into chapters, one for each decade, recalling Ferrari’s history from the industrial, sport and human viewpoint. For the first time, in these pages the drivers talk about Ferrari and not vice versa, as it was in the past for the books written by Enzo Ferrari. The appendix gives the catalogue and the silhouettes of all the cars realized by Ferrari, the list of the men that in these fifty years have contributed in building the myth of the Prancing Horse (presidents, technicians, teams, drivers and so on), and the sports palmares.

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