Die Meistermacher – Die BMW Schnitzer-Story


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Die Meistermacher – Die BMW Schnitzer-Story. By Uwe Mahla & Gustav Busing. German text.

For 50 years, the BMW Team Schnitzer has been one of the best motorsport teams. At the head of the team, the brothers Josef and Herbert Schnitzer, as well as Charly and Dieter Lamm later, and their drivers have won it all. Recently in 2012, they won no less than three titles in the DTM thanks to Bruno Spengler: the championships for drivers, manufacturers through BMW and teams. A complete success in their first year back in DTM. This book comes back on the story of BMW Schnitzer, not with the pretension of telling the complete story, but picking up highlights from the history of the team. The authors met a lot of people who invested themselves in the BMW Schnitzer team. They let them tell their personal stories and compiled the best of them in this book. Lavishly illustrated with almost 400 pictures, it also contains detailed statistics, as well as features about the 2012 and 2013 DTM seasons.

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