Details 1965-1969: Legendary sports cars up close


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Details 1965-1969. Legendary Sports Cars up close. By Wilfied Muller published by McKlein. German and English text.

For motorsport, the Sixties was a crazy era of daredevil experiments and revelations in technology. Racing cars were built with ever lighter tubular frames instead of a riveted monocoque chassis. Wafer-thin body panels and active movable flaps were also introduced and exotic materials employed to try to save the last gram of weight. Also the engines being used in this period were literally exploding with power. And then there were the men behind the wheel of these beautiful beasts who explored the frontiers of the impossible. This 400-page book gives an inside view of the sports and prototype racing machines used from 1965 to 1969 with many previously unpublished original photos accompanied by entertaining stories.

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