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Colin Seeley – Racer… and the rest. Foreword by John Surtees MBE

This volume, the first half of Colin Seeley’s autobiography, isn’t just the story of one man’s life and achievements, although the Seeley marque is indeed an achievement. Colin recalls bending his very first frame using the most basic of equipment in an outdoor workshop on a frosty December morning in 1965. Colin, through sheer hard work and determination built his reputation as a perfectionist in all things, respected by the rich and famous, the manufacturers, and the fans within the motorcycling fraternity then and now. Packed with photographs, news clippings, and memorabilia, the book is also one man’s vivid memories of the motorcycle racing scene. From the thrills and anxieties of sidecar racing in the 1960s with passenger ‘Gungy Wal’ to the development of CSRS and the highly regarded sponsorship and service provided to racers lucky enough to have the friendship and professional interest of Colin Seeley. If you were there you’ll love reliving the moments. If you weren’t, you’ll wish you had been!

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