Carrera – Accessories – Track Marshals (5 Figures)

  • TIMPO® track marshal for your Carrera race track
  • Suitable as decoration for the race track

For smooth communication
The track marshals and their flags serve as a means of communication between race control and the drivers. Each flag colour has a different meaning and is valid worldwide. In case of danger, for example, the yellow flag is waved. It signals to the driver to slow down and not to overtake. If the green flag is shown, the danger is over and you can accelerate again. As you can see, the track marshals are an important part of every race and, of course, they should not be missing on your Carrera race track. The figure set inspires fans with true-to-original details and consists of a total of five figures. The figures have body parts that can be positioned or rotated in different ways and ensure more life and “true” detail on the race track.




Carrera - Parts and Accessories

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