Accessories – Starlight (Starting Lights) – Digital 132 / Digital 124


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Digital 132 / Digital 124 – Accessories – Starlight (Starting Lights)


  • Race track starting light arch with LED display and sound
  • DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132
  • Display of the start sequence

On your marks, get set and go!!!
The cars are ready, the startlights light up with the sound of the race track’s attention-grabbing tones and everyone knows that in just the blink of an eye the slot car competition will start. The tension just before the start of a race is indescribable. When does the start signal sound, and when is the right time to press the start button? The Startlight Feature makes sure that your adrenaline level will shoot even higher. The semi-circular structure is equipped with an LED display that simulates the start sequence. Together with the sound effects, this creates an authentic driving feeling on the Carrera DIGITAL 124 and Carrera DIGITAL 132 race tracks. The Startlight Set comes with an adapter unit for race tracks on a scale of 1:24 and a total of four end pieces for left and right. The accessory only works in conjunction with the Control Unit (30352).





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