VW T1 Langpritsche (GERMANY, 1967)



It's Extra-long !  124mm


Even today the best known copy of an extended VW Transporter is undoubtedly the version, which was converted for the transport of race Porsches by the privately operated US-racing-team Bunker in the second half of the 1950s. Back then this race transporter, based on the Wolfsburger’ design, was one of a kind within the racing scene. Another version of an extended VW Transporter, on the other hand, is by far not so popular as the Bunker. 


Its place of birth was the Volkswagen plant in Hanover-Stöcken, where the Transporter rolled off the line starting in 1955. According to surviving, but unconfirmed information, the VW workers created the version, which likewise got an extended load bed by a centrally fitted chassis part, for internal use to carry big sheet metal parts. About this self-built apparently next to nothing became known outside the plant, but anyhow the Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon Senior brought the vehicle back into mind. If this or something else inspired the enthusiastic Porsche collectors of the Dutch men’s clothing brand “State-of-Art” to set their own extended VW Transporter on its wheels is not known. Based on the historical traditions they began to search for a suitable chassis of a VW T1. Due to its strengthened chassis, which was designed for a load capacity of 1,000 kg instead of the usual 750 kg, a 1967-model was the perfect choice. For power, an engine from the Porsche 356 SC with 105 hp was used.


The design of the State-of-Art replica was guided by the extended version of the racing team Bunker. This appeared particularly in the livery of the red-varnished Volkswagen, which was realized in the same style like the Bunker. Striking were the big Porsche logos on both doors of the car. They should impart an association to the loaded Porsche racing cars. 


#07011 resin limited build of 333   1/43 scale

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