Gordon Diamond Sedan (USA, 1949)


The diamond, which was no one
The inventor H. Gordon Hanson was thinking about how to reduce the turning circle of a passenger car in the late 1930s in the United States of America. In contrast to European automobiles, the passenger cars were more spacious, bigger and also longer in the USA. Therefore the US-American cars had also an enormous turning circle.


This was a point for the Californian Hanson, which he would eradicate. At the same time he would not dispense with the usual spaciousness and generosity of a US car. To combine all at first sight completely opposing points, he was designing an unusual construction. His idea was to build a car, not as usual with two axles, of which only one axle could be steerable, but he was choosing a single central axle and he placed before and behind one steerable wheel. As this trapezoidal design was remembering in widest sense on a cut of a diamond, therefore H. Gordon Hanson was taken the name affix “Diamond” for his unique model. In 1943 he began to realize his idea and in 1945 the engineer was close to completing his car and in 1947 he got the road permission. Because of the exceptional wheel assembly Hanson could not use a known chassis so he would need to produce it by himself. For the drive he was choosing a 100 hp strong V8 engine from a Ford truck, which was installed in the rear part, between the axle and the rear single wheel. The power was transferred over the transmission to the central axle. Hanson has achieved his goal, as the turning circle was measuring only a half of a turning maneuver of a comparable US passenger car at that time.


He was investing a time period of 4,000 working hours for the realization of his dream. H. Gordon Hanson was driving 95,000 miles with his passenger car, before he sold it to Harrah´s Auto Collection in 1967, without putting a second example on its wheels.


#06007 resin limited build of 333   1/43 scale

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